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Jorsun invite you to 2019 Vietnam international water treatment exhibition



Vietnam wastewater treatment association (VWSA)together Vietwater bacome Vietnam even southeast Asia the most influence brand, also one and only recongnised by the public water network in southeast Asia and Vietnam tap water association of the exhibition, a vietnamese constrction government officials also Attend the opening ceremony and seminar. It will held the exhibition in southern vietnam’s economic center Ho Chi Minh city and hanoi in turns. it will held in Ho Chi Minh City and play an irreplaceable and professional role in wastewater treatment in 2019.

The vietnam international water treatment equipment exhibition will reture to Ho Chi Minh City from Nov. 6- 8,2019, with all over the world exhibitors, professional visiting group and purchaser will gather here to explore the new water treatment technique.

Jorsun with independent research and development dissolved air flotation equipment present in this exhibition.

Product tip: this exhibition equipment is high efficiency sedimentation dissolved air flotation, it is a new type of dissolved air flotation devolped on the basis of jorsun years of summary of separation technology.

This techonlogy combine sedimentation with DAF to achicve high efficiency solid-liquid separation

Core technology:

1. Microbubbles generation technology

2. Surface caputure technonlogy, counter flow, box type skimming technology

3. Horizontal flow tachnology in separation zone

4. Scum recirculation and flocculation technology


1. Inclined plates in separation zone, it provides more efficitive separation area and optimized the flow distribution

2. Suitable for high concertration solid(suspended solid, oil and collildal substance)content(the highest concentration of 1000mg/l) waste water

3. Maximum hydraulic load 12m3/(m2.h)and better outlet water quality

4. Lower chemical consumption

This product combine the technology of DAF, high efficiency ,high perfromance, be chosen first by many customers, welcomed in the industry.

In this exhibition, Jorsun team will present you with different observation experience of equipment opreation and provide professional consulting services.

Jorsun team has set out, just to meet you!

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